About Sage

We are a group of passionate software and business professionals that are focused on providing exciting career opportunities to like minded professionals.   We specialize in bringing opportunities to independent consultants as well as finding permanent placement positions.   Helping professionals move forward in their career is our passion.

If you’re an independent consultant or if you’re seeking a new employment position, here are some reasons to consider Sage.

Ethical Business Practices:

We treat people and companies as business partners and believe goals are achieved only if all parties are successful.   We are committed to developing long term relationships that are mutually successful.

Strong Relationships:

We have been placing IT professionals into Calgary companies for more than 10 years.   Over that period, we have developed excellent relationships with a wide spectrum of companies.

Career Coaching:

Our approach is to work with you in order to understand your career objectives, then pursue opportunities that are in line with your goals.


We are not a high volume provider.   We prefer to focus on a small number of professionals and try to make a difference in their career.   Setting people up for success is our goal.


We are passionate about what we do and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide exemplary service to the IT community by facilitating career opportunities that are in sync with each individual’s career objectives, while ensuring our corporate partners receive excellent value and the expertise they require.
Find Out More
If your company would like to know more about what Sage can offer, please contact us.   We would be happy to answer any questions and give a thorough overview of Sage Professional Services