Management Team

Dan Kelly, Director of Business Development

Dan has worked in the information technology sector as a developer, Program Director for the Object Oriented Software Technology (OOST) program at the University of Calgary, and as a Sales Director for Ideaca Knowledge Services.

At the University of Calgary, Dan managed the day-to-day operation of the (OOST) program and was responsible for curriculum development.   Dan’s other responsibilities included working closely with over 50 companies in Calgary to facilitate internship and full time employment opportunities for OOST program graduates.   It was through this role that Dan discovered a passion for helping people with their careers as well as helping companies meet their human resource needs.   After leaving the University of Calgary, Dan took a role as Sales Director at Ideaca Knowledge Services, a Canadian based technology consulting company.   At Ideaca, Dan worked with customers of Ideaca to facilitate consulting engagements for Ideaca’s consultants.   Primary lines of business which were represented include: custom application development, project management, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Intelligence, as well as strategic Management Consulting.   Dan played a key role in recruiting new talent to Ideaca and was involved in establishing an internship program with post secondary institutions.

Dan has a Bachelors degree in Business from Ferris State University and a diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology (OOST) from the University of Calgary.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide exemplary service to the IT community by facilitating career opportunities that are in sync with each individualís career objectives, while ensuring our corporate partners receive excellent value and the expertise they require.
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